Floating cities are believed to have the potential to accomplish several of the SDGs and is recommended by the United Nations. In order to make as many people as possible aware of the potential of this island, we are working to digitally recreate it under the supervision of Blue Frontier, a company that is building a floating city.


The actual clean energy equipment, water purification system, residences and other facilities to be built on the Floating City under construction were also reproduced on ACNH

A guided tour of the virtual island explaining various aspects of the Floating City in relation to environmental issues was held for up to 15 groups per day.

The promotion of the Floating City was conducted both virtually and in real-life through various platforms including school classes and restaurants. Please click here to see the special class.


Thank you for visiting our website and participating in our guided tours. We are currently working on new content for Floating City. Look forward to the next.